Submitted by Haofei Xu.

Submission data

Full nameGMStereo
ParametersPlease refer to the paper.
Publication titleUnifying Flow, Stereo and Depth Estimation
Publication authorsHaofei Xu, Jing Zhang, Jianfei Cai, Hamid Rezatofighi, Fisher Yu, Dacheng Tao, Andreas Geiger
Publication venueTPAMI 2023
Publication URL
Programming language(s)python
HardwareV100 GPU
Source code or download URL
Submission creation date11 Jun, 2022
Last edited23 Jul, 2023

High-res multi-view results

multi-view co.statueterrac.
No results yet.

Low-res many-view results

indooroutdoorlakesidesand boxstorage roomstorage room 2tunnel
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Low-res two-view results

Infoalllakes. 1llakes. 1ssand box 1lsand box 1sstora. room 1lstora. room 1sstora. room 2lstora. room 2sstora. room 2 1lstora. room 2 1sstora. room 2 2lstora. room 2 2sstora. room 3lstora. room 3stunnel 1ltunnel 1stunnel 2ltunnel 2stunnel 3ltunnel 3s
permissivetwo views1.830.994.550.570.052.530.014.9511.143.522.240.530.493.760.800.

SLAM results

allboxesboxes darkbuddhacables 4cables 5desk 1desk 2desk changing 2desk dark 1desk dark 2desk global light changesdesk ir lightdinodroneforeground occlusionhelmetkidnap 2lamplarge loop 2large loop 3large non loopmotion 2motion 3motion 4planar 1reflective 2scale changetable 1table 2table 5table 6table global light changestable local light changestable scenetrashbin
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