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Varied datasets

  • 13 / 12 DSLR datasets for training / testing.
  • 5 / 5 multi-cam rig videos for training / testing.
  • 27 / 20 frames for two-view stereo training / testing.

New challenges

  • High-resolution (24 Mpx) DSLR images
  • Multi-camera rig videos (4 cameras, ~13.6 Hz)

Rich visualizations

The multi-view stereo / 3D reconstruction benchmark covers a variety of indoor and outdoor scenes.
Ground truth geometry has been obtained using a high-precision laser scanner.
A DSLR camera as well as a synchronized multi-camera rig with varying field-of-view was used to capture images.
We offer the following challenges:

For a detailed description of the data and the format in which it is provided, see Documentation.
For downloading the datasets, go to Datasets.
Open source code related to the benchmark is available on GitHub.
This benchmark was a part of the Robust Vision Challenge 2018.