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Full nameIterMVS-LS
DescriptionWe present IterMVS, a new data-driven method for high-resolution multi-view stereo. We propose a novel GRU-based estimator that encodes pixel-wise probability distributions of depth in its hidden state. Ingesting multi-scale matching information, our model refines these distributions over multiple iterations and infers depth and confidence. To extract the depth maps, we combine traditional classification and regression in a novel manner. We verify the efficiency and effectiveness of our method on DTU, Tanks&Temples and ETH3D. While being the most efficient method in both memory and run-time, our model achieves competitive performance on DTU and better generalization ability on Tanks&Temples as well as ETH3D than most state-of-the-art methods. Code is available at
Parameterstrained on BlendedMVS
Publication titleIterMVS: Iterative Probability Estimation for Efficient Multi-View Stereo
Publication authorsFangjinhua Wang, Silvano Galliani, Christoph Vogel, Marc Pollefeys
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Programming language(s)python
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Submission creation date11 Oct, 2021
Last edited2 May, 2022

High-res multi-view results

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Low-res many-view results

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Low-res two-view results

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SLAM results

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