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Full nameRAFT-Stereo: Multilevel Recurrent Field Transforms for Stereo Matching
DescriptionWe introduce RAFT-Stereo, a new deep architecture for rectified stereo based on the optical flow network RAFT. We introduce multi-level convolutional GRUs, which more efficiently propagate information across the image. A modified version of RAFT-Stereo can perform accurate real-time inference.
Publication titleRAFT-Stereo: Multilevel Recurrent Field Transforms for Stereo Matching
Publication authorsLahav Lipson, Zachary Teed, and Jia Deng
Publication venue3DV
Publication URL
Programming language(s)Pytthon
HardwareRTX 6000
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Submission creation date5 Nov, 2020
Last edited4 Oct, 2021

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