Submitted by Heiko Hirschmueller.

Submission data

Full nameSemi-Global Matching (GPU)
DescriptionReimplementation of SGM on the GPU. Census was used as matching cost. Additionally to disparity, a confidence and error is computed for each pixel. This is included in the runtime.

This is the implementation used on-board the Roboception rc_visard stereo sensors.
segmentation filter=80 pixels
median filter=5x5
Publication titleStereo processing by semiglobal matching and mutual information
Publication authorsHeiko Hirschmueller
Publication venueTPAMI 2008, Volume 30(2), pp. 328-341
Publication URL
Programming language(s)C++ with CUDA
HardwareGeForce GTX 980
Submission creation date10 Mar, 2018
Last edited10 Mar, 2018

High-res multi-view results

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Low-res many-view results

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Low-res two-view results

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