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Full nameFolding Patch based Multi-View Stereo
DescriptionReplacing traditional flat patch with folding patch.
ParametersSame as default parameters of PMVS(Patch based MVS) proposed in [1] .

level 1
csize 2
threshold 0.7
wsize 7
minImageNum 3
setEdge 0
useBound 0
useVisData 0
sequence -1
maxAngle 10
quad 2.0

[1] Furukawa, Y., Ponce, J.: Accurate, dense, and robust multiview stereopsis. IEEE transactions
on pattern analysis and machine intelligence 32(8) (2010) 1362–1376
Programming language(s)C++
HardwareCore i7
Submission creation date28 Feb, 2018
Last edited14 Mar, 2018

High-res multi-view results

multi-view co.statueterrac.

Low-res many-view results

indooroutdoorlakesidesand boxstorage roomstorage room 2tunnel
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Low-res two-view results

Infoalllakes. 1llakes. 1ssand box 1lsand box 1sstora. room 1lstora. room 1sstora. room 2lstora. room 2sstora. room 2 1lstora. room 2 1sstora. room 2 2lstora. room 2 2sstora. room 3lstora. room 3stunnel 1ltunnel 1stunnel 2ltunnel 2stunnel 3ltunnel 3s
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