Submitted by Thomas Schöps.

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Full nameCMPMVS
DescriptionThe timings include the whole process (including texturing).
ParametersDefault parameters.
Sampled 20 million random points on each resulting mesh to obtain the result point cloud.
Publication titleMulti-View Reconstruction Preserving Weakly-Supported Surfaces
Publication authorsM. Jancosek, T. Pajdla
Publication venueCVPR 2011
Publication URL
Programming language(s)?
HardwareIntel Core i7-6700K, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
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Submission creation date18 Jul, 2017
Last edited18 Jul, 2017

High-res multi-view results

multi-view co.statueterrac.

Low-res many-view results

indooroutdoorlakesidesand boxstorage roomstorage room 2tunnel

Low-res two-view results

Infoalllakes. 1llakes. 1ssand box 1lsand box 1sstora. room 1lstora. room 1sstora. room 2lstora. room 2sstora. room 2 1lstora. room 2 1sstora. room 2 2lstora. room 2 2sstora. room 3lstora. room 3stunnel 1ltunnel 1stunnel 2ltunnel 2stunnel 3ltunnel 3s
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